How One Denim Brand Promises to Make Jeans Bearable in the Heat

Anybody who lives in their jeans knows that summer can pose quite the wardrobe dilemma. With temperatures rising into the 80s and 90s, rocking your favourite denim becomes decidedly less pleasant. But there may finally be a solution to this long-standing problem, thanks to Lee Jeans’ genius new idea to weave crushed jade stones into its pants to help ward off the heat. According to company vice president Stephen Dull, “The jade fabric rapidly pulls sweat away from the body and quickly dries, creating a cooling sensation.” Although he also joked that it wasn’t magic, it sounds pretty magical to us. Sadly these special jeans will only be available in China for now, but we’re hoping that enough U.S.-based love and attention will get the message across that we’d like a little “denim refreshment” too!

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Read the full article over Bloomberg, and let us know your thoughts on these innovative new jeans in the comments!

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