Knee Boots Are the Only Boots I'm Interested In—These 33 Pairs Are Perfect

For the longest time, during the autumn and winter months, I only ever wore ankle boots. Why? There's a variety of reasons. I told myself they were more versatile and worked better with the clothes I wore. I also found it hard to get boots any higher to fit around my calves—a problem many of us seem to have when it comes to boot shopping. And being on the petite side, I assumed anything above the ankle would make me look shorter. How wrong I was.

Leather Knee-High Boots: @babba wears a pair of classic black leather knee boots



Now, knee boots are, hands down, my favourite boot silhouette, and although they've never officially been out of style, it seems like leather knee-high boots are one of the only styles that matter for autumn/winter 2021.

From celebrities to top-tier influencers, everyone is already wearing leather knee-high boots, and I don't think that's a coincidence. For one, they're just so chic. It also helps that brands from both the high-street and designer worlds have invested in knee boots in a big way this season, meaning there's a pair to suit you, whatever your budget.

Leather Knee-High Boots: @rosiehw wears a pair of tan snake print boots



Paired with everything from printed midi dresses to micro miniskirts and even with jeans tucked in, leather knee-high boots offer so much outfit milage to be tapped. With this in mind, I've curated an edit of the very best leather knee-high boots out there, which—I can't deny—I inadvertently assembled whilst I was looking for my own perfect pair. Scroll on, however, to see my favourites in full.


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