Honestly, I Think This Bold Trend Is One of the Coolest of 2020

Jumpsuits are the ultimate lazy outfit, really. They can be as smart or as louche as you want them to be but there's minimal faff involved in wearing one and it takes less than five minutes to pop on. They're also a forever item for our wardrobes, these days. No longer reserved for die-hard followers of fashion, the all-in-one is a much-loved item by everyone. We've had the denim version, the khaki and utilitarian. Now? The leather jumpsuit. 

Before you get ideas that this look would be all about perspiring in a too-tight black catsuit that Michelle Pfeiffer would feel uncomfortable in, that's not what 2020's leather jumpsuit is all about. The silhouette is loose-fitting, with wide legs, a fitted waist and a blouson-style top. There are plenty of colours too—sure black is a winner but there's a metallic and snakeskin print version that would honestly looks super cool too. 

Brands that I've had my eye on include Nanushka and Stand Studio's versions but there's also ASOS's boilersuit that looks chic too, if you're after a more affordable option. Keep scrolling to see the edit in full. 

Next up, the biggest spring/summer 2020 fashion trends you need to know. 

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