Wait, When Did Everyone Stop Wearing These Trainers?


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With the plethora of trainer trends currently on the market, it's safe to say we can use all the help we can get to narrow down the options. Which is why we turned to the experts at Edited, a fashion and retail technology company that's always the first to know about market trends. We asked if there's a trainer trend that recently bit the dust, and Edited's answer came as a surprise, as the style the team named was quite a new trend: Satin trainers.

Katie Smith, Edited's senior retail analyst, pulled data on the trend and told us that "44% of satin trainers are currently discounted by an average of 40% off. And 75% of styles that were reduced in the last three months have not yet sold out, despite hefty reductions! That's because our relationship with trainers has shifted. We want our footwear to match our fast-paced, action-packed lives. Satin trainers, though lightweight, won't wear well through wet weather in the colder months, let alone a trip on the tube!"

Smith makes a very good point about the impracticality of the satin trainers that were everywhere this summer, but what about the trends that everyone is buying? She pulled the data on that too.

Keep scrolling to find out which four trainer trends are on the top of everyone's lists right now, according to an expert.