No One Is Buying This Handbag Style Anymore

What accessory did you covet most in secondary school? If you're like us, there was nothing like the status symbol of a logo-laden designer bag. But as it turns out, logo bags are quickly becoming a thing of the past since people are increasingly gravitating toward subtler designs.

Forbes reported on a new study from market research company NPD Group, which revealed that "one-third of the handbags purchased in the U.S. over the past year ending in June did not have a visible logo." Furthermore, the magazine reports that bags with logos on them have seen "the most drop in market share" compared to all styles and that a whopping 81% of millennials want logos to be subtle. Head over to Forbes to find out the rest of the results.

Are you willing to give up your logo bags once and for all? There are scores of more minimalistic styles out there to choose from—we rounded up a few of our favourites to get you started below.

Ready to swap out your logo bags? Scroll down to shop our favourite minimalistic accessories.

This mini bag has just enough room for the essentials. 

A simple crossbody bag is a must for anyone's wardrobe. 

We love the sleek lines on this boxy bag. 

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Opening Image: Style du Monde