Everyone Has a "Worst" Fashion Trend—Here Are Ours

Do you find yourself saying I'll never wear that in a million years, only to find that the powers of Demna Gvasalia can change your mind in the flash of a Balenciaga runway? It happens to the best of us—fashion maestros are here to challenge our sartorial safe zones, after all, and never before have so many supposedly "bad" trends been in fashion. However, some personal style peeves can stay with you forever, particularly as you get to that magical point where your own look starts to manifest as an easy, daily norm.

What have I done a 180 on? My thoughts on dungarees have changed (if designers want to make them sleeker, slim and flattering, more power to them and my thighs). However, there's still one niche fashion thing I just cannot get my head around—all will be revealed below. With that in mind, I quizzed the Who What Wear UK team to discover everyone's "least favourite" trend or item, and some very interesting answers rolled in. Keep reading to see the divisive pieces we struggle with and our top suggestions for a replacement.