Leandra Medine Wants to Dress How She Did 3 Years Ago and That’s Okay By Us

When trail-blazer and our general bell-weather of what’s cool and what’s not, Leandra Medine of Man Repeller, recently posted an Instagram picture stating that she wanted to wear exactly what she was wearing three years ago (but with the added question mark over whether that counts as some sort of regression or not) we had an epiphany: it is okay, completely, 100 percent, without a shadow of a doubt, acceptable. That premise is, after all, what investment pieces and signature styles are made of; to not look wildly out of fashion should you see a picture of yourself from however long ago and to be happy repeat-wearing the pieces that you have in your (no doubt highly fabulous) wardrobe.



Photo from 2013/All I want to wear right now, which makes me feel like I'm regressing

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So with Leandra’s wise thoughts ringing in our Maria Tash-studded ears, we thought let’s provide an edit of the best pieces with staying power. The items that are investments without being obvious, boring, or ignoring what’s hot-to-trot right now.

Scroll through the gallery below to find the buys that offer longevity (three years, maybe even more) but also potentially sate Leandra’s roving fashion eye…

Which pieces do you still love in your wardrobe from three years ago? Let us know on Twitter @WhoWhatWearUK…

Opening Image: Wayne Tippets/Rex