We've Discovered the Secret to Getting the Perfect Gel Mani At Home

It’s a great feeling when you leave a salon with picture perfect glossy nails. There’s something about having manicured hands that can make you feel so much more put-together, no matter if you’re wearing a top-to-toe tracksuit or a power suit.

Some people are blessed with great nails and great habits (no nail nibbling in sight), some are naturally talented at nail art, and some, well, aren’t. I definitely fall into the latter and had long given up even trying to do my own nails at home, knowing that the average nail polish—no matter how many days wear they promised—would get chipped on my hands in under an hour. Even if I get the professionals to do it, unless it’s a hardwearing gel manicure, there’s no hope.

So when I recently discovered Le Mini Macaron’s DIY gel manicure sets, let’s just say, it was a game-changer. Nothing will ever beat that post-salon spoilt feeling, and I’m not claiming to be the next Sharmadean Reid, but if you’re a gel-mani addict like me and you can’t get out to the salon at the moment (I feel you), this may be the product your at-home beauty routine has been shouting out for.

Whether you decide to go all out deluxe with the maxi lamp or the classic one-nail-at-a-time standard sets, follow our expert tips here and you’ll get the perfect finish. You may never look back.

Le Mini Macron: Zeena Shah


Le Mini Macaron: Jessica Skye



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