This Is Basically What Fashion People Smell Like

Scent has the power to transport you right back to a certain moment in your life. It can trigger memories that feel so real it's as if you're standing right there, stuck in a moment of time. For me, memories of the '90s will always flood back to me when I smell CK One (£40) or Versace Red Jeans (£31). Dolce & Gabanna's Femme (£86) will always remind me of my mum (even though she hasn't worn it in over 20 years), and Thierry Mugler's Angel (£74) or DKNY's Be Delicious (£55) will always take me back to being a teenager.

But towards the end of the noughties, there was a shift in the fragrance industry with customers dividing into two camps: Those who bought into the rise of celebrity perfumes, and those who wanted a signature scent that no one else had. I personally was in the latter category. You didn't want people to recognise your perfume and you didn't want anyone to smell like you. But whilst it seemed like the whole world searched for a new, niche fragrance, many landed on the same one: Le Labo's Santal 33 (£125).