5 Cosy Yet Stylish Outfit Ideas for Post-Christmas Malaise

We've all been there: It's Boxing Day, it's cold outside and you've spent the last 24 hours eating your entire body weight's worth of turkey. The last thing you want to do is to spend 20 minutes staring at your wardrobe trying to find something to wear (or for that matter, put on anything that feels remotely restrictive and/or uncomfortable).

Of course, we won't judge you if you just want to mooch around in your PJs all day (sometimes that is simply a necessity), but if you're heading out for a day trip or a Boxing Day walk and want an outfit that'll make you look good with minimal thought, we're here for all your dressing needs. 

We scanned the Instagram feeds of our favourite influencers and found five looks that will be a dream during those cold and dark post-Christmas days. They're the perfect balance of cosy, comfy, low-effort and stylish. The dream, right? From the perfect denim jumpsuit and duvet day coat to luxe tracksuit bottoms and the ultimate dress-and-cardi combo, there are so many fab outfits to choose from. Scroll down to see and shop our top picks. 

1. Denim Boilersuit + Breton + Converse
Lazy outfit ideas: Harriet Stewart



Style Notes: A jumpsuit has got to be the ultimate low-effort-yet-stylish buy. Comfy, cool and takes 30 seconds to style, what more could you want? Finish a denim iteration with a Breton top and Converse.

2. Duvet Jacket + Animal-Print Trousers
Lazy outfit ideas: Slip into Style



Style Notes: A duvet coat is, in our opinion, one of the best fashion inventions of the year. Cocoon yourself in a shearling-trimmed look and add printed trousers for a bit of Slip Into Style–inspired personality.

3. Jeans + Checked Coat + Boots
Lazy outfit ideas: Lucy Williams



Style Notes: Lucy Williams is one of our go-to influencers for when we crave laid-back outfit ideas which don't compromise on style. Case in point? A checked coat looks the part when paired with straight-leg jeans and chunky boots. 

4. Luxe Tracksuit Bottoms + Blazer + Trainers
Lazy outfit ideas: Hannah Lewis



Style Notes: I never thought I'd crave tracksuit bottoms until I saw this outfit. Hannah Lewis nails the luxe-loungewear trend with a pair of cream trackies, trainers, a white tee and black blazer. 

5. Floral Dress + Cardigan + Boots
Lazy outfit ideas: Ada Oguntodu



Style Notes: Give your summer dress extra mileage by layering it with a cosy cardi and black boots. A fab option if you still want to feel polished but have no energy to properly dress up. 

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