10 Ways to Layer Your Clothes Like a Total Pro

Layering Idea #1: Slip Dress + White Roll-Neck


Always Judging

Style Notes: Sure, you know how to wear a dress over a white tee, but are you ready to upgrade to the next level with a white roll-neck? These fine-gauge styles were all over the A/W 16 runways, and Courtney Trop from Always Judging is already fully engaged.

Coming up with ideas for layering clothes is something of an art form. Some girls are particularly adept at the pile-it-on approach, while others need a little coaxing and tutoring into more experimental wardrobe zones. Whether you're a layering superfan or looking to step into some new combinations as the summer starts to (unfortunately) peter out and turn into autumn, we cast the net out to pull in some fresh formulas from the style bloggers who know this area best.

From the next level of a classic 1990s slip dress–over-tee combination through to more complex strategies (just how many tops is too many?), let these ladies be your sartorial guide. Go through the gallery to see some a selection of layering clothes ideas, along with the pieces you'll need/want to get them going. 

Which of these will you give a try? Check out more weekend inspiration outfit inspiration that goes the distance.

Layering Idea #2: Shoulder-Baring Top + Shirt



Style Notes: That bandeau/off-the-shoulder/one-shoulder summer top you've been getting tonnes of wear out of? Yes, it's still entirely usable for autumn and beyond. Make like Tamu Mcpherson and slip one over a classic blue button-down.

Layering Idea #3: Strappy Top + Tee


Camille Over the Rainbow

Style Notes: Camille Charrière of Camille Over the Rainbow takes it back to the noughties with this take on cargo pants and a vest top. Her subtle tone-on-tone layering makes this combination far easier to emulate for yourself.

Layering Idea #4: Top + Open Shirt + Blazer


Desert Mannequin

Style Notes: We often turn to Desert Mannequin's Anum Bashir when we're in need of a total reboot. We love oxfords, truly, but wearing one open, peeking out from under a sharp tux and revealing a slice of a nice top underneath? Well, that's inspired layering for those days where the weather doesn't know what to do. 

Layering Idea #5: Summer Dress + Jeans


Fashion Vibe

Style Notes: What did we tell you about your summer dress the other day? Right now, the coolest thing you can do with it is to wear it over your favourite pair of jeans. Zina Charkoplia of Fashion Vibe is on the right track, smartening up the linen dress/denim pairing with sleek loafers.

Layering Idea #6: Coat + Shirt + Scarf



Style Notes: If wearing a roll-neck underneath everything feels premature, take a leaf out of Darja Barranik's book and wear a wide silk scarf underneath the collar of your shirt. Oh, and don't forget to pull your cuffs out to be on show—hands are so out of fashion.

Layering Idea #7: Man's Shirt + Jersey Crew Neck



Style Notes: Linda Tol has us reaching for our man friend's shirts… Just how cool does this simply-layered top-half look? Perfect for tomboys. 

Layering Idea #8: Biker + Gown + Top


Fashion Me Now

Style Notes: Lucy Williams of Fashion Me Now has already embraced the new season with her (biker-jacketed) arms wide open. She repurposed a wedding guest–friendly maxi dress via her leathers and a black top underneath. Bonus points for the flash of gold necklace on top too.

Layering Idea #9: Shacket + Cami + Bralette



Style Notes: Feeling like getting to a more advanced stage of layering? Then this is for you. Make like Man Repeller's Leandra Medine and use the last few weeks of summer to play peek-a-boo with a bralette and camisole. She wisely balances out the risqué risk with a shirt-cum-jacket.

Layering Idea #10: Knitwear + Knitwear + Knitwear



Style Notes: If you just can't wait for winter to begin, we suggest to look to Shini Park of Park and Cube in this triple whammy of knitted warmth from Swedish label Dagmar. We like the idea of a long V-neck sweater popped on top of a matching polo-neck. A flash of leg helps sass up the proceedings.