Exclusive: A Sneak Peek at Lauren Conrad’s Runway Show

Lauren Conrad is no stranger to New York Fashion Week, but come September, the influencer won’t be sitting front row. Instead, Conrad is putting on her designer hat and, for the first time, debuting a limited-edition capsule collection of her Kohl’s line—complete with an exciting twist! After viewing the runway show live on LCRunway.com September 9 at 7 p.m. EDT, fans can snag their favourite pieces online right then and there! Talk about instant gratification!

Check out the exclusive clip above for a peek at the gorgeous set design for the show, and scroll down for our interview with Conrad about prepping for her big NYFW debut. 

This is the first time you’re showing your Kohl’s line at New York Fashion Week. Why now?
Honestly, I was walking through the Kohl’s offices in New York, and last year they did a runway show with Elle and they had a big display up that looked really cute. I asked if I could have one, and they said yes! It was very simple; I didn’t really expect them to say yes. I just think it’s such an exciting opportunity for the line. I think to be able to show it as a runway collection just really gives it an elevated feel. It’s exciting for the brand. We’ve been going for over five years now, so it’s kind of nice to mix things up in this way.

How would you describe the collection in three words?
Romantic. Whimsy. Polished. 

What can your fans expect?
Well, I think that the line itself is definitely on brand. It’s just a little more elevated, it’s a little more fashion-forward. There’s definitely more specialty pieces in there, which I think will be really fun.

What were you looking for in a location space?
I wanted a really clean space because I wanted a blank canvas. And I think it’s so exciting to start with that and make it really whatever you want it to be. We really wanted this show to be an experience for everyone who attends and everyone who gets to watch at home.

What elements of the collection did you incorporate into the design of the space?
There are definitely elements you see in both [the collection and the show]. We have a lot of rose-gold throughout the collection with, you know, the jewellery and some sequin pieces, and you definitely see that in the show. And the way that we designed the space, it feels like an appropriate setting for this line. It’s very elegant and pretty, but there are some more rustic elements in there that don’t make it feel too stuffy.

What are you hoping to achieve with the design of the space?
Our goal is to really transport people. We want it to be just a whole experience and very beautiful, and we think it’s so nice to step off the streets of New York and into this clean, sort of woodlands-inspired space.

Can you tell us about the shopping experience you wanted to create with this show?
I am actually really excited about that, because so many times I’ve sat at a runway show and watched a collection go by, and immediately there’re all these pieces I want and I know I have to wait like six months to get them. So I think there’s this really amazing instant gratification where you see it, you love, and you can buy it. We’re going to live stream the event and as soon as it’s over everything is available online.

What are you most looking forward to showing in New York?
Years and years ago I did a show in Los Angeles, but this is just a very different experience. This is such a large, amazing production, and I’ve worked at shows like this before, but I’ve never had my own, and that’s really exciting.

What shows are you looking forward to seeing this fashion week? Tell us below!