Last-Minute Wedding Invite? You Already Own These 4 Easy Outfit Ideas

There will be times when finding a suitable and exciting wedding guest outfit can feel Everest-level challenging. A look that complements the venue, mood, bride and the many itinerary-related obstacles that get thrown one's way is difficult enough, but when you've also got an ever-changing diary and event dates shifting faster than you can say "Pass me the Prosecco," things get even harder. Last-minute weddings are springing up all over the place, and invitees need to be prepared. 

last-minute wedding guest outfits



What I want to tell you is this: You've got this. No, literally—you've already got the clothes for this. Whether you've got 24 hours or 24 days to prep, odds are your wardrobe already contains a handful of tried-and-tested wedding guest outfit options you can lean on. And it's not like this year has provided many opportunities for other people to see your best clothes, so there's even more reason to shop from your own closet and feel inspired all over again. I've had a long, hard think about those classic combinations that work for all kinds of weddings—city or countryside, abroad or down the local pub—and a few stood out. So if you haven't already dabbled in renting your latest wedding guest ensemble or snapped up a gorgeous dress, I'd suggest having a root around to see if any of these four last-minute wedding guest outfits are hiding in plain sight. Oh, and I've added shopping options just in case because you never know when the mood might strike.


last-minute wedding guest outfits: green PJs



Style Notes: Pajamas have been trending for about four or five years now, so it's very likely you'll have a fancy pair lurking somewhere. Add earrings, heels, some makeup, and you'll be far, far away from bedtime attire!

last-minute wedding guest outfits: pink co-ord top and trousers



Style Notes: Perhaps you already own a matching set that is more tailored and formfitting. In that case, they're great for weddings too. I like the addition of a chain belt and mismatched accessories for extra pizzazz (and less pressure to be perfectly matched).


Style Notes: Tale as old as time: Cute floral dress + heels that highlight a hue in said dress = win!

last-minute wedding guest outfits: yellow dress and mules



Style Notes: You don't have to go for a printed dress, though. A plain style with tonal shoes will look chic and understated.


Style Notes: Co-ords extend to skirt-and-top combinations, too. And although these examples here are matchy-matchy, you could easily wear a fancy skirt with a more casual top and jewellery. This tiered one would look very Jenna Lyons with a white T-shirt.

last-minute wedding guest outfits: satin blouse and skirt



Style Notes: You'll get extra formalwear brownie points if you can add a little satin into the mix—that fabric just says party.


Style Notes: There's something so elegant and subtle about slip dresses, and they do look great with very minimal styling.

last-minute wedding guest outfits: satin slip dress



Style Notes: If you want to add personality, try wearing unusual heels and carrying a quirky bag.