9 Last-Minute New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas You Already Own

New Year's Eve is almost upon us and, while some of you may have had your last outfit of 2018 picked out since the middle of November, some of us (read: me), just aren't that organised. If you too find yourself lacking in the sparkle department fret not, for I've got your back.

Whether you've been too busy eating copious amounts of cheese to give it any real thought, or you had previously resided yourself to a quiet night in, only to find out over Whatsapp that your friend is throwing a last-minute house party, I—with the help of a few sartorially savvy friends—have found nine outfits worthy New Year's Eve, no last-dash trip to the shops required. 

That's right—I believe you'll find everything you need to recreate the looks below already hanging in your wardrobe (or in the stash of '80s clothing your mum keeps in the loft at the very least). 

Keep scrolling to discover how you can see in the New Year, confident in the knowledge that you (and your bank balance), look fabulous...

Overhaul Your Work Suit
Last Minute New Year's Eve Outfits: Rock a suit like Freddie Harrel



Style Notes: We all have a work suit that hasn't been worn in an age (likely since your first week on the job). For tomorrow night, style it sans top, and finish with statement earrings and heels for a look that's chic and sultry in equal measure. If the jacket is too plunging to be worn on it's own, try layering a silk camisole or a printed tee underneath instead. 

Jazz Up An LBD
Last Minute New Year's Eve Outfits:  Anna Vitiello gives her LBD a major glamover.



Style Notes: I can confidently say that every single person that reads this will have a black dress in their wardrobes. Make it feel so now by wearing it with all the accessories you can throw at it. Glittering necklaces, drop earrings, hair jewels; pile it on for maximum wow-factor. 

Dress Up Trusty Denim
Last Minute New Year's Eve Outfits:



Style Notes: My (and Lindsey of Ropes of Holland's) go-to party look will forever be jeans and a nice top, and I promise it won't fail you in your time of need, either. If you don't have one to hand, we bet your mum has some lamé stashed away in her wardrobe archives. 

Respin Your Summer Skirt
Last Minute New Year's Eve Outfits: Work your summertime ruffle skirt with a roll neck.



Style Notes: We all bought into the ruffle skirt trend in the summer. Make it work for New Year's Eve by pairing it with a roll neck and the fanciest bag and shoes you can get your hands on at such short notice. 

Luxe Pile-Up
Last Minute New Year's Eve Outfits: Make like Sophia and wear all your glam pieces at once.



Style Notes: Raid your wardrobe for anything that sparkles, shimmers or as a luxe texture and play around with how the pieces look together. Sophia Rosemary has made an after-dark look consisting of velvet, foil and lurex, and you can too. I have faith in you. 

Top-To-Toe Tonal
Last Minute New Year's Eve Outfits: Wear one colour top to toe to look instantly pulled together.



Style Notes: Much like the above, pull everything out of your wardrobe and drawers that's the same colour, which shouldn't be too hard as we, by nature, tend to buy into the same colours once we work out what we like best. Be it green, blue, pink, yellow or, in Aimee Song's case, violet, once you have all the options in front of you, make yourself an outfit that's entirely one colour. It will look like it's taking months of planning when, in reality, it's the ultimate lazy-girl hack. 

Edge Up Your Fancy Frock
Last Minute New Year's Eve Outfits: Give your wedding guest dresses a cool spin with edgy shoes and accessories.



Style Notes: Again, we all have a dress we've bought to wear to weddings only for it to feel too dressy for every other occasion. desperate times, however, call for desperate measures. Dust it off, then pair it with cool accessories—white shoes or ankle boots and statement sunglasses (who cares if it's dark out?)—will give it an edgy, totally fashion overhaul. 

Dig Out Some Sequins
Last Minute New Year's Eve Outfits: Strike a high-low balance with sequins and knitwear.



Style Notes: Chances are, if you've ever been on a night out, you'll have something sequinned—or at least embellished—hanging in your wardrobe. Take dressing cues from Jessie Bush and give your glittering pieces a laid-back spin with a chunky knit and thick-heeled shoes. 

Let Your Hair Take Centre Stage
Last Minute New Year's Eve Outfits: Fanny Ekstrand gives good NYE hair.



Style Notes: The fashion-girl solution to making every outfit look 'grammable right now is to add a hair-slide. Chances are you'll have one stashed away in a drawer at your parent's house. Failing that, seek help from the little ones in your life—nieces or children of friends—who are bound to have hair-bows aplenty. 

Seeing as we've helped you save money and look 10/10, why not treat yourself to one of the pieces we're already predicting will go cult in 2019...

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