Panic Shopping on Your Lunch Break? 25 Gifts Everyone Genuinely Loves

I've got a formula for shopping last-minute gift ideas—and it's simple. Sure, you need to consider who you're buying the present for, but ultimately you just need to know which gifts are universally loved. Whether that's receiving a chic candle set, a gorgeous cafetière or a book on David Bowie, there are pieces that will satisfy everyone. Over the years, I've honed a list of these gifts, thanks to being a perennial last-minute Christmas shopper. While they're not all on the inexpensive side (hey, if you're shopping at the last minute, you have to know it can cost you), you are guaranteed to find something for everyone. Whether that's a unisex perfume or a Le Creuset dish that is a must for every home, this is the fail-safe list every panicked shopper on Christmas Eve needs. Keep scrolling for my guide to 21 of the best last-minute gift ideas.