Scandi Girls and Zara Staff Are Clearly Obsessed With This Summer Styling Trick

There's nothing I love more than a cost-free styling trick that breathes life into a new outfit. Some of my favourites have included a jumper knotted over the neck, this 30-second styling trick and the classic shoulder robing of a coat or blazer. Right now, however, the biggest one I keep seeing is lace-up sandals tied over long trousers. Of course, influencers such as Pernille Teisbaek and Linda Tol have been demonstrating how to pull this off with considerable flair for a while, proving that Scandinavians are often at the forefront of trends before they become, well, trends.

Another key indicator that this is a styling trick to employ immediately? Zara stylists have been doing the exact same look on their models for their strappy sandals section. This is all the proof you need, quite frankly, to try your hand at it.

lace up sandals over trousers trend: zara lace up sandal with satin trousers


Courtesy of Zara

So what's the best way to do it? Is there anything you should note when trying to achieve this look? For starters, it's best to avoid palazzo or wide-leg trousers, as the amount of material won't fit. Ideally, you want to go for a more tapered shape, but straight-leg or a slight flare is great too. In terms of the material, soft, flowing satin or cotton is great, and even jeans work, but linen is probably best avoided due to the creasing.

Then there are shoes. Of course, you need a pair of sandals that are the kind with plenty of material for lacing up, but happily, there are so many of these around right now, you won't be short of finding them. You probably even already own a pair (such is their prevalence on the high street to more luxury brands).

Ready to give it a go? Keep going to see all the different ways and kinds of trousers the Scandi fashion girls are doing it, plus see how Zara recommends it too. Then scroll further to shop an edit of lace-up sandals.

Style Notes: Scandi influencer Jeanette Madsen has the sort of laid-back cool only a few of us can actually achieve. A plain white tee with green paper-bag waist trousers looks even cooler with the addition of her black lace-up sandals.

Style Notes: This time it's the full suit. She's switched up the flat sandals for heeled blue versions. 

lace up sandals over trousers trend: linda tol wearing white sandals and burnt orange trousers



Style Notes: For a bolder way to approach this trend when it comes to colours, look to Linda Tol for styling tips. Opt for a contrasting pair of trousers and heels. Burnt orange or brown and white works wonders. 

lace up sandals over trousers trend: black sandals and black trousers on Zara


Courtesy of Zara

Style Notes: Black lace-up sandals look incredibly cool against black trousers too and are a subtler way of taking on the trend. 

lace up sandals over trousers trend: sandals with jeans


Courtesy of Zara

Style Notes: Proof that jeans really work with these sandals too. 

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