Who the Kardashian-Jenner Girls Turn to for Flattering Tube Dresses

Not that Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian have an inch to pinch between them, but no-one, no matter how blessed in the body department, likes a sagging, overtly revealing jersey body-con dress. Once upon a time, tube dresses were, as a general rule, see-through and a cellulite patch's worst nightmare, but as these girls practically live and die in a series of stretchy frocks, we trust their expert opinions on where to get the very best for all your figure-sculpting and hugging needs.

Kim occasionally goes to American Apparel for a bargain fix (this £48 style was a favourite of hers earlier this year), but there are a select few other brands that keep cropping up time and again whenever we see the sisters out and about. And they're not the kind that have you trussed up in layers of sucky-in elastic bandages, so breathe easy.

Scroll down to see the two brands who rule the body-con roost…