I Don't Trust Anything I See on TikTok, But This Concealer Really Is Magic

As a cynical beauty editor, I am not ashamed to put my hands up and admit I don’t buy into half of the tripe I see on TikTok. As someone who has dedicated many years of life to the beauty industry and made a career out of trying to uncover beauty truths, I find it somewhat comical that crazy, viral, entirely unsubstantiated beauty intel can be taken as gospel. But do I still spend a shameful amount of time scrolling the app every single day? You better believe I do.

One area of TikTok beauty that I found myself leaning into a little more than I would like to admit is that of makeup. You see, I’m the first to admit that I don’t know a whole lot about makeup. I know what products I like and could give a full run-down of every product that has ever come my way, from finish to shade range, but I’m very stubborn when it comes to trying new things. Particularly when it comes to concealer. But then, reviews of the KVD Beauty Good Apple Lightweight Full-Coverage Concealer (£23) kept coming my way, and I had to give it a go.

Shannon before applying makeup.

I would also like to caveat here that not only is TikTok-recommended beauty not my thing, but neither is KVD Beauty as a brand. I like chic, luxe, svelte makeup, the sort that sparks the same kind of joy as a luxury handbag. KVD Beauty is none of that. It’s clearly aimed at a slightly younger audience and champions an almost gimmicky aesthetic. I have used some of the products before and liked the results, but they’ve never stuck around in my routine. 

When I first tried Good Apple Concealer, I already had some understanding of what the results would look like thanks to the countless TikToks I had seen—creamy, easy to blend and seriously full-coverage. As someone with quite incessant acne scarring and in-your-face dark circles, I feel somewhat qualified to say that I really do know quite a lot about what makes a great concealer. It needs to be easy to apply (and I mean with fingers because nobody has time for brushes every day), blend seamlessly, have a skin-like finish and, most importantly, cover a multitude of sins.

Shannon after applying KVD Beauty Good Apple Lightweight Full-Coverage Concealer.

And Good Apple Concealer does just that. In fact, I think I’d go as far as saying it’s one of the best concealers I have ever used. If your skin is dry, you’d benefit from applying a hydrating base underneath to avoid creasing under the eyes. But apart from that, I struggle to fault it. The wand is unique and offers a small tip for precise application, the formula is thick and creamy (meaning that a little goes a very long way), and it doesn’t make skin look two-dimensional or flat.

It's so good, in fact, that I have taken to skipping foundation and tinted moisturiser altogether. Just a few swipes of Good Apple Concealer across redness, dark circles and blemishes blend out to create the most seamless base. Is it a natural-looking, glow-boosting formula? No. However, it is easily the hardest-working formula I have ever come across and lends itself nicely to being layered with other glow-boosting products to deliver a more natural finish. If you have scarring, bruising, dark circles or pigmentation you’re desperate to cover, this concealer will do the job.

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