19 Kristen Stewart Outfits That Look Just as Cool as the Day She Wore Them

Kristen Stewart is considered one of the most rebellious dressers in Hollywood for a reason—she'll go barefoot at press conferences, wear scruffy old trainers with Chanel haute couture and even cut up Chanel samples with a pair of scissors. She might hate high heels and (try to) avoid gowns like the plague, but this is exactly what makes her so exciting to watch on the red carpet—she'll never look the same as anyone else. She's a high-fashion tomboy if ever there was one. Not only that, but she's often throwing us with her fashion choices—just when we think we've got her red carpet style pegged, she'll go and do a complete 180.



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As for her off-duty style, Kristen has truly honed her signature outfit—she's all about a pair of skinny jeans and a white T-shirt, preferably with a logo or band adorning the front, and a jacket thrown over the top. It's this nonchalant, super-cool approach to her everyday ensembles that merits her modern-day James Dean label.

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