The Controversial Knickers Trend That's Suddenly Everywhere

With warmth and comfort serving as our main sartorial priority right now, it's little wonder that all of the season's key buys have come in the form of knitwear. From cardigans and trousers to dresses and tops, if you throw open your wardrobe doors and everything happens to be woolly, rest assured you're not alone. But knitted textures haven't just taken over your rails. Turns out, they've also infiltrated your underwear drawer

We've already discussed the return of the knitted bra top at length, the credit to which can be equally shared between Katie Holmes and It brand, Khaite. And now, piggybacking on its success comes another trend that's proving quite controversial amongst the Who What Wear ranks: The knitted shorts trend. 

The word "shorts" might be somewhat of a stretch, for most interpretations of the trend resemble big knickers. Now, let it be own that we are fans of big knickers and will defend them as and when required. But knitted shorts?

Knitted Shorts Trend: @dawn.tan wears a pair of cream knitted shorts with a camel cardigan



Dawn makes her knitted short ensemble look so expensive with gold jewellery and a cardigan twinset. 

We understand their appeal; we really do. Still, when it comes to wearing them in real life, we can't help but feel they'd look like saggy pants. Like us, you may require a bit of convincing, too. And who better to fight the knitted shorts trend's corner than the influencers who've been wearing them on repeat?

Many have taken to styling their woven shorts with yet more knitwear. Think soft triangle bralettes and cardigans. Elsewhere, they're teaming them with linen shirts, or even houndstooth outerwear and a micro bag for a dash to the shops. It goes without saying, they look great, but we have to question their actual practicality. Will they stay up or, worse yet, will they ride up? And will they actually go any lengths to keeping you warm?

Perhaps we're missing the point. Maybe the entire appeal of knitted shorts isn't in the wearing of them but, instead, how they make you feel. There's no denying that they're ten times more fun than anything else we've worn this season, and that has to count for something. Plus, after practically living in cosy joggers and leggings for almost a year, it'll do our legs some good to air them out. Scroll below to see the most stylish ways to wear the knitted shorts trend then, once you're convinced, proceed to shop our edit of the chicest pairs. 


Knitted Shorts Trend: @emmanuellek_ wears a beige knitted short and cropped cardigan combination



Emmanuelle's knitted shorts and cropped cardigan are too cute for words. 

Knitted Shorts Trend: @xbibigul wears her knitted shorts outside



Knitted shorts? Outside? It can be done! 

Chloé makes a case for staying in your knitted shorts all day long. 

Knitted Shorts Trend: @greceghanem wears a tan knitted short, vest and cardigan set



If your knitted shorts come with matching items, make like Grece and invest in the entire set. 

Knitted Shorts Trend: @clairewakeman wears a matching knitted grey short co-ord



Ribbed knitted styles are still proving popular—just as Claire.

Hannah's combination of knitwear and linen is sublime. 

Knitted Shorts Trend: @femmeblk wears ruffled knitted shorts



Lydia ups her knitted shorts game with this pretty ruffled pair. 

This knitted set with Fair Isle trim looks so cosy. 

Why not wear your knitted short outfits with on-trend shearling sandals


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