This Simple Detail Makes Basic Knitwear Feel Luxurious

Do you ever feel like you perpetually want what you don't have? I do this all the time with my hair. When it's long, I want nothing more than to chop it all off. Then, once the novelty of having it short wears thin, I find myself woefully screenshotting snaps of Sienna Miller and Margot Robbie with their long tresses. And right now, my wardrobe is coming under the same scrutiny.

Knitted Loungewear: @femmeblk wears a yellow knitted loungewear set



A few months ago, I couldn't wait to dig out my airy dresses and sandals and breeze around in linen. I was so fed up with wearing jumpers, leggings and boots that I ignored the early chill of May and jumped headfirst into my summertime wares. Now, however, we're experiencing the first signs of autumn, and my mentality has changed. I'm craving curling up in toasty clothing, practising my layering techniques and, yes, spending more and more time in my loungewear again. But not just any loungewear; I have my sights set on a specific kind.

Knitted loungewear is superior loungewear; it's as simple as that. Unlike cotton or jersey iterations, knitted loungewear feels more polished but no less toasty and is something I'd happily wear outside of the house as well as inside. I'd even go as far as saying these luxurious sets double up as chic eveningwear attire, too—just add heels or polished footwear, swap out the top half for a camisole or shirt, or switch the bottoms for a slip skirt or leather strides. The styling options are endless.

Knitted Loungewear: @frannfyne wears a navy ribbed knitted loungewear set



However, what I love most about knitted loungewear is how it makes me feel whilst working from home. Unlike my joggers, popping on a knitted loungewear co-ord makes me feel like I've actually made an effort to get dressed while reaping the same comfortable benefits as my slouchier pieces. Assuming you're in the same state of mind as I am, I've shared my edit of the chicest knitted loungewear with you below.

From Mango's trending navy two-piece to The Frankie Shop's cable delight, here are the best knitted loungewear sets out there.


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