From One Cold Girl to Another, Here's How I Wear My Knitted Dress 4 Ways

Despite the fact that I love trying them on, I've never really been much of a dress wearer. Of course, there are a fair few frocks residing in my wardrobe, but in my mind, they require more mental effort than other staples, particularly in winter. Don't get me wrong—I love to throw on a dress for work (usually styled with knee-high boots and a roll-neck), as it always makes me feel more polished, but when it comes to the weekend, it's trousers and jeans all the way.

However, just as I had written off dresses for winter, I discovered the jumper dress—the '90s fave that has seen a renaissance this season thanks to brands such as Jacquemus, whose knitted Baya dress drew in the fashion crowd with its slinky silhouette and thigh-high slit. The high street has now followed suit, and there are plenty of affordable options around for those who want to sample the trend for themselves.

The best thing about this trend is that it offers practicality thanks to its warm, woollen texture. However, my advice would be to try on lots of different styles, as some fits will be more clingy than others and some lengths more flattering on certain body shapes.

I opted for this ASOS version, as I liked the rust colour and asymmetrical cut. It felt a little more elevated than your average jumper dress. The fabric was reasonably fitted (I'm wearing a size 8), but I did find that it clung to the widest parts of the body rather than staying snug at the waist, so I would recommend belting it.

I know that this can be a hard look to style, so I thought I'd show you four easy ways to wear a jumper dress using pieces that are probably already in your wardrobe. From clever layering to cool accessories, scroll down to see how I mixed it up.

With Smart Trousers and Printed Boots

Knitted dress outfit ideas: ASOS dress and black trousers


Joy Montgomery

Style Notes: This is my favourite ensemble and the look I feel most stylish in. The beauty of the jumper dress is that it looks just as good (if not better) over jeans or trousers. This wide-leg black pair is an ideal addition, as they complement the flow and line of the dress.

Accessory-wise, a pair of snakeskin boots and pearl-drop earrings are the perfect way to elevate the whole look.

With a Chunky Knit and Knee-High Boots

Knitted dress outfit ideas: ASOS dress and Arket jumper


Joy Montgomery

Style Notes: First and foremost, this outfit was so damn warm (Arket's knits are a godsend in winter). I wanted to create a tonal effect, so I chose a jumper in a similar colour spectrum to the dress and then added my favourite Zara over-the-knee boots. I think flats aren't so flattering with the dress's longer length, however, I would consider going bare-legged with trainers in the summer.

With Silk Scarf and Leather Belt

Knitted dress outfit ideas: ASOS dress and Rixo scarf


Joy Montgomery

Style Notes: I'm not a big accessory person, but I can't get enough of silk scarves. I feel like they add personality to any outfit, whether it's a white shirt and jeans or a midi dress. Rixo's green scarf offers a chic contrast to the rust colour of the dress and instantly makes it feel more interesting. A leather belt also helps to create more shape, which is ideal for curvier figures.

With a White Roll-Neck and Chain Belt

Knitted dress outfit ideas: ASOS dress and roll neck jumper


Joy Montgomery

Style Notes: Okay, I'll admit it: I'm a little bit addicted to my white roll-neck. It has been a lifesaver this winter, as it layers under anything and gives outfits a '70s spin (a big plus in my books). I decided to style with a chain belt, which helps to counteract some of the bulk of the layered jumpers.

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