7 Fresh Ways to Wear Your Knee-High Boots This Spring

I had never worn knee-high boots until last year. While I'm usually very open-minded when it comes to styling, I'd previously written them off, owning largely to my short height, assuming they wouldn't suit my frame. How wrong I was.

Now, at the tail-end of winter, I've worn my trusty knee-high boots almost every day—and I intend on doing so right through spring. As such, I set about to find fresh new ways to keep my knee-high boot outfits interesting.

I didn't have to look for long, as over the course of fashion month, I've seen so many showgoers wearing their own knee-high boots to chic avail, providing me with all the inspiration I need to do the same.

Keep scrolling to see the sleekest knee-high boots outfit ideas I've seen in 2020 so far, and then proceed to shop the pieces you need to recreate the looks for yourself.


We've said it before and we'll say it again: Wearing one shade top-to-toe always looks polished. I'll be tucking ecru jeans into beige boots as a matter of urgency. 

Influencers have been tucking their jeans into heeled boots once again, thus ushering yet another '90s trend back into the fashion ether. However, this look with checked trousers and track-sole boots feels so now. 


On paper, checks, florals, and snake motifs shouldn't go together, but as Eva Chen proves, they absolutely do when you refine your colour palette. 

Matching the colour of your shoes to your bag has always been a thing, but we never before thought about matching the hue of our knee-highs to that of our skirt. Genius. 


Take your wardrobe staples (for argument's sake, a grey coat and black trousers) and simply add a pair of knee-high boots (preferably in white) to the equation for a cool overhaul. 


The easiest way to soften a pair of knee-high boots is to wear them with more fluid textures. And nothing looks quite so pretty as this pleated-skirt–and-suede-boots combo. 

As temperatures slowly begin to rise, as do our hemlines. Alyssa's combination of a blazer dress and flat track-sole shoes was one of the coolest ensembles we saw during New York Fashion Week. What I was particularly impressed, though, with was her addition of sheer black tights. 

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