The Affordable Dress That at Least 50% of London's Fashion Editors Own

It's always a little awkward when you arrive at work or to a wedding and someone else is wearing the exact same dress as you, but some dresses are so good its worth taking the risk. I take that risk every time I wear my Kitri Myrtha dress to work, as the entire Who What Wear UK team owns it. This black midi dress has a zip down the front with a circular clasp and dramatic puffball sleeves and looks just as good at a cocktail event as it does at Monday morning meetings.

When we've worn the dress together, we have been told we look like an 'edgy Victorian girl band' or a Handmaid's Tale fan club. But when we're not dressed as a pack, it's a dress we all always get complimented on. The rest of the industry has also fallen under Kitri's spell—I can name at least six fashion editors who I know own this dress. So unsurprisingly, the £105 style is now low in stock, so if you want to join our witchy girl band you'll have to move fast.

kitri Myrtha Midi Shirt Dress


Phil Taylor

PICTURED: Who What Wear UK's team wearing the Kitri Myrtha dress.

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