The 2019 Trends Our Editors Would Kiss, Marry or Kill

We all remember playing that game when we were younger. Whether you called it "Kiss, Marry, Kill" or "Snog, Marry, Avoid," the principle was simple: a selection of people were presented to you and you had to decide which person you would kill, marry or kill. Hilarity ensued. Well, the other day in the office, we were reminiscing about this teenage game (as you do) and thought it would be fun to apply the principle season's biggest fashion trends.

First, you have "kiss," which is the trend you might experiment with in the short-term (you don't quite want to commit to life-long matrimony, but you know what? It's fun to try something new every now and then). Secondly, it's "marry," which is fairly self-explanatory: This is a trend that is 100% you, and something you know you'll love for years to come—till death do us part, you might say. And finally, there's "kill," also known as the new-season trend that you can't get your head around (no matter how many times your favourite influencers champion the style).

So what are your "Kiss, Marry, Kill" spring/summer 2019 trends? We put the question to our editors to find out what's floating their boats and what is, well, just not doing it for them this season. Scroll down to see what they said.