The 2019 Trends Our Editors Would Kiss, Marry or Kill

We all remember playing that game when we were younger. Whether you called it "Kiss, Marry, Kill" or "Snog, Marry, Avoid," the principle was simple: a selection of people were presented to you and you had to decide which person you would kill, marry or kill. Hilarity ensued. Well, the other day in the office, we were reminiscing about this teenage game (as you do) and thought it would be fun to apply the principle season's biggest fashion trends.

First, you have "kiss," which is the trend you might experiment with in the short-term (you don't quite want to commit to life-long matrimony, but you know what? It's fun to try something new every now and then). Secondly, it's "marry," which is fairly self-explanatory: This is a trend that is 100% you, and something you know you'll love for years to come—till death do us part, you might say. And finally, there's "kill," also known as the new-season trend that you can't get your head around (no matter how many times your favourite influencers champion the style).

So what are your "Kiss, Marry, Kill" spring/summer 2019 trends? We put the question to our editors to find out what's floating their boats and what is, well, just not doing it for them this season. Scroll down to see what they said.

Hannah Almassi, Who What Wear Editor in Chief 

Kiss: Tie-Dye

Kiss marry kill trends 2019: Tie dye


Proenza Schouler

"Unlike many other classic motifs or patterns that remain relevant no matter the season or year, tie-dye is one of those prints that's either in or out. Right now, it's looking good and more sophisticated than it has done in the past, so I'd definitely consider a brief affair with a tie-dye tee this summer, but I don't expect things to get serious."

Marry: Prairie Dresses

Kiss marry kill trends 2019: Prairie dresses



"A bohemian, '70s-inspired dress is what I reach for each and every summer, and I often track down unusual vintage finds to feed my addiction. This year, it's going to be even easier to carry on the strong relationship we've already formed. This country-girl prairie-style dress is everywhere, from the high street to some of my favourite designer brands."

Kill: Cycling Shorts and Ugly Sneakers

Kiss marry kill trends 2019: Ugly sneakers



"And when they're worn together? Don't get me started. I'm not particularly in favour of sportswear outside of the gym, but I've been riding this extended trend wave out, getting to the point where I can just about appreciate luxe joggers or a cool trackie top on someone else. These two newer athleisure components are just an aerobic step too far—that's partly due to the fact that my shorter, sturdier legs would look atrocious in them, but I'm also not a fan of them on anyone else."

Joy Montgomery, Who What Wear Acting Assistant Editor

Kiss: Sage Green 

Kiss marry kill trends 2019: Sage green



I'm not usually a fan of colour—especially not murky hues—however, this season's new-found love of sage green is something I would consider trying. Subtle and chic, it feels like a good alternative to the beiges and neutral colourways everyone's wearing right now.

Marry: Boilersuits

Kiss marry kill trends 2019: boilersuit



Confession: Boilersuits and jumpsuits make up a large percentage of my wardrobe, and I'm totally okay with that. I'll throw one on when I can't be bothered to spend too much time deciding what to wear but still want to look put-together. Also, they're super comfy, so it's a win-win situation.

Kill: Neon

Kiss marry kill trends 2019: Neon



No matter how many designer brands or well-dressed street stylers champion the neon trend, I just can't quite get on board with its luminous appeal. I find that it makes me look super washed out and can end up looking quite cheap—regardless of the high-end price tag!

Mica Ricketts, Who What Wear Deputy Beauty Editor

Kiss: Suits

Kiss marry kill trends 2019: suits


Victoria Beckham

"I have never in my life worn a suit (except for my unintentional secondary school pairing of a blazer and trousers). However, since joining team Who What Wear and seeing how the rest of the editorial team rock tailoring in real life, I’m definitely tempted."

Marry: Animal Print

Kiss marry kill trends 2019: Animal print



"Snake, leopard, zebra—who cares? I love wearing prints anyway, but there’s something about wearing an animal print dress or blouse that makes me feel a little more pulled-together (possibly because they often come in more neutral colour palettes than my penchant for bright florals), and like I know what’s going on when it comes to fashion."

Kill: Thong swimwear

"Maybe I just don't have the confidence for this one, but I can safely say that my bum cheeks will never make a public appearance."

Alyss Bowen, Who What Wear Social Media Editor

Kiss: Beige

Kiss marry kill trends 2019: Beige


Dion Lee

"I've watched influencers and fashion friends wear the beige trend, so I and finally took the plunge and invested in a trench and trousers in this particular hue and haven't looked back since. As a messy person, the trend always scared me, but I'm now totally up for indulging in a little beige time every now and then—just not long-term."

Marry: Pearls

"Give me a pearl necklace, pearl earrings, pearl bracelet and I'm yours forever more. I'd wear them all at the same time and feel fab all day long—it's true love."

Kill: Cycling Shorts

Kiss marry kill trends 2019: Sportmax



"Yes, I know Hannah and I have picked the same trend to 'kill,' but I can't ignore the fact that cycling shorts just aren't for me, and they never will be. While I don't mind wearing a pair of tight trousers, I know in short form, I'd feel mega uncomfortable getting on the tube at 8 a.m. on a Monday morning in this trend. No thanks!"

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