This Kim Styling Tip Comes for Free, But It Is Risqué

I would imagine that, as a Kardashian, being butt-naked is as comfortable as being fully clothed. In fact, finding a sweet spot in between—barely clothed, let's say—is probably the optimal position to be in. Outside of her business acumen and centring around fashion, it's one of the many things Kim Kardashian West does best. No one can pull off wearing very few garms quite like her (well, maybe RiRi is up there when she's feeling that "naked" dress vibe), and KKW's latest styling hack follows the same tactic as many of her most iconic outfits.

On two occasions in the past week, the star has chosen to wear an oversized tuxedo blazer sans top, sans bra and only with hope and magic holding it in place. One time she went for a full trouser suit (Gucci), while the other was an opportunity to crack out the cycling shorts she's worn quite often in 2017. Either way—could this be the party styling trick du jour? And considering that it's completely free (if not a money-saving strategy, thanks to eschewing the need for extra layers or underwear), should we mortals consider it? I would provide the following advice: Opt for a fastened jacket (ideally double-breasted for extra coverage) and have a lacy bra peeking out.

See for yourself—scroll between Kim's two no-bra + blazer looks below.

shop black blazers

Gold buttons are quite KKW-friendly.

Why not balance out the bare skin with voluminous sleeves?

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