Kim Kardashian-West Just Wore Her Most Extreme Dress Yet

Kim Kardashian-West kicked off New York Fashion Week last night by wearing perhaps her most extreme dress yet to the Tom Ford show. Her long, Cher-like hair was freshly dyed Draco Malfoy-silver and she teamed her new hairstyle with the most body conscious dress we've seen in some time. She wore a black strapless latex gown by Tom Ford, which was super tight, with only a small slit at the hem to allow her to walk (in small steps of course).

If you think this looks difficult to wear, you're not wrong, as latex designer Atsuko Kudo has spoken of the 'ritual' you have to go through to try it on. "You moisture your body first so you can slip into it," she previously explained to The Telegraph. "It's a lubricant product, that is nice on the skin, and you have to do a ritual to get into latex. It's like wearing a corset or high heels, it's not like cotton or something that's easy to put on." Kim is well versed in the struggles with getting into latex, as she has worn several of Holloway Road-based designer Atsuko Kudo's rubbery dresses before. Scroll below to see Kim Kardashian's latest extreme look from all angles.