Kim Kardashian Really Raised The Bar For Theme Park Attire

Kim Kardashian went to a carnival with her family, which seems like a totally normal thing to do when you're on vacation in the delightfully pastoral town of Southampton. Except for one thing—while the rest of the Kardashian clan and their entourage (like the woman right behind Kim in the photo above!) arrived appropriately decked out in attire that consisted of traditional theme park attire like denim cutoff shorts, slip-on sneakers, and tank tops, Kim decided on a feminine wrap dress and her trademark sky-high stilettos.

We actually can't remember the last time we saw Kardashian wearing flats—the very concept seems strange and foreign at this point. Admittedly, the fashion star looks very pretty—the dress fits her perfectly, she kept her accessories to a chic minimum, and her strappy shoes add a tasteful amount of sex appeal. But is this really an outfit most people would put together for a day at the fair?

Would you ever wear heels to a theme park like Kim did? Sound off in the comments below!