Kim Kardashian's New Selfie PSA Makes Us Love Her a Little More

Kim Kardashian stars in a Super Bowl ad for T-Mobile and, as is her custom, she talks about selfies in it. A mock PSA about the death of unused cell phone data, the ad features Kardashian grieveing the loss of the most important thing we all use our data for: Photos of Kim Kardashian.

"Each month, millions of gigs of unused data are taken back by wireless companies. Tragic," Kardashian flatly recites. "Data you pay for, that could be used to see my makeup, my back-hand, my outfits, my vacations, and... my outfits."

Say what you will about Mrs. West, but you have to admit she has a delightful penchant for poking fun at herself. She know people see her as a vapid faux-celebrity who does nothing but take photos of herself—and she embraces that. Watch Kim's Super Bowl ad above, and learn more about her coming book of selfies here!

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