Here's What Kim Kardashian Wears To Take Her Passport Photo

In the grand tradition of keeping everyone in the world permanently on their toes, Kim Kardashian has done it again. You may have seen the all-satin, sweeping Ulyana Sergeenko outfit she wore for her appearance on this week's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live—well, she apparently killed two birds with one stone by wearing the look to take her passport photo.

Kardashian posted a headshot-inspired selfie of herself in the look to Instagram, with the caption, "New passport pic #Mrs.West #NameChange." Normally, we'd take this kind of description with a grain of salt; perhaps she was just telling a joke about the barren style of the selfie? But considering that Kim did very recently (and officialy) change her last name from Kardashian to Kardashian West, we totally believe this to be Kim, taking her passport photo in Ulyana Sergeenko.

Take a look at Kim's full outfit above, see her passport photo below, and tell us what you think of it in the comments below!