You Won't Believe How Much Money Kim Kardashian's Fashion Game Made

1. Kim Kardashian's self-titled phone game made $43 million in just three months. [The Guardian]

2. Madonna's dress from her wedding to Sean Penn has fetched more than $80,000 at auction. [E! Online]

3. Margot Robbie beat out Cara Delevingne for a big role in a new superhero film! [StyleCaster]

4. Blake Lively shares her secret to perfect hair... which you know you're dying to know. [Byrdie]

5. A Dutch street style photographer captured more than 20 years of "basic" street style. [Esquire]

6. If you're a follower of these household spending habits, you might want to reconsider, because they're costing you big bucks. [Domaine]

7. If you've ever felt bloated (which, let's be honest...), you'll want to read these 10 amazing tips to beat it for good. [Harper's Bazaar]

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