Kim Kardashian West Just Wore the Most '90s Trousers

Remember in the '90s when everyone, or at least all the cool kids, wore a pair of Adidas popper trousers? Well, while you might have imagined they'd been officially relegated to the '90s clothing archives, never to return, there's someone who wants to resurrect this look. And that someone is Kim Kardashian West. Yep, this is really happening, people. 

During Paris Fashion Week last night, Kardashian West stepped out wearing a pair of the old-school trousers, complete with strappy sandals, a lace bustier, and choker. On paper this sounds awful, we know, but in reality Kardashian West totally pulled it off. 

Now, we have no doubt that there are a few raised eyebrows going on when reading this, but we assure you that the popper trend is seriously big right now, and Kardashian West has latched onto a good thing. Other A-listers who love this trend include the likes of Kate Bosworth and Rihanna, who were both spotted wearing similar popper-affixed outfits.  Keep scrolling to see Kim Kardashian West in the Adidas trousers, as well as Kate Bosworth and Rihanna in the trend.

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Opening Image: LaurentVu/SIPA/REX/Shutterstock