This Supposedly "Ugly" Colour Is Actually Perfect for Summer

To make a broad generalisation, you either fall in the camp that loves dressing for summer or the one that much prefers winter. If you’re the latter, chances are you don’t graduate from your winter staples until you really, really have to, and a white summer dress is the last thing on earth you’d buy. So when a heat wave strikes, what does the happy winter dresser reach for? We’re putting our money on khaki. Never mind that it’s 10 times more stain-resistant than that aforementioned white dress; it’s perfect for gently easing you out of your comfort zone of blacks and navy, and looks crisp against cotton shirts and box-fresh trainers.

Khaki trend for summer



Perhaps it’s the military or utility connotations dominating, but an off-the-shoulder dress in sludgy khaki feels so much more approachable than a pale, unapologetically summery style—especially when you suddenly find yourself under an expectedly grey sky. So pepper your new-season wardrobe with some khaki staples and you’ll master the transition from spring to summer effortlessly.

For our favourite khaki finds, scroll through the edit below.

This bag is actually ideal for autumn, winter and spring. 

Goodbye, stuffy jeans; hello, I-don't-know-how-I-lived-without-you chinos. 

For work or play, you'll never regret buying this. 

Great on its own for holidays and under a denim jacket in the city.

The only summer cover-up you'll need.

One part utilitarian, another part military, this gem offers something for everyone. 

Look for embroidered flourishes to add a feminine touch to khaki. 

Khaki always looks great on skin, no matter how pale your feet. 

Its earthy colourway makes this a piece that's so easy to dress up or down. 

A simple style you're guaranteed to wear for summers to come. 

Unlike black or white, khaki lace is supremely easy to wear. 

Make these part of your new-season uniform. 

Sport these with a crisp white shirt for an elegant way to style shorts. 

An urban-friendly variation of the popular off-the-shoulder silhouette.

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