This Product Range Promises to Help With Hair-Fall, and We're Sold

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It’s likely that most of us have complained about our hair falling out at one time or another. Whether it’s coming out in surprising clumps when washing or you’re simply seeing more on your brush than usual, hair breakage and subsequent fall is not uncommon at all. In fact, seven out of 10 of us will experience it at some point in our life. It’s also become one of the leading concerns among us, particularly millennials, above the usual suspects of dryness or damage. Luckily, one of our favourite haircare brands, Kérastase, has an established range of products within its Genesis collection dedicated to preventing the causes and solving the issue of hair fall and to be honest, we’re sold (plus, if Emily Ratajkowski is a fan, it must be good).  

It may come and go, but there’s no doubt seeing more hair than normal fall out after you’ve showered can be a worry. Although, when you hear the causes of breakage, it may not come as too much of a surprise, especially if you’re suffering from hair fall right now. Emotional stress, bad sleep, hormonal changes, and even work stresses can all be contributing factors, and it’s fair to say this year has provided a fair share of these so far. Biological factors along with diet (deficiency or even overload of certain vitamins), can affect the skin’s sensitivity and weaken hair from the root. 

On top of that, external stressors such as styling habits, particularly heat styling, can dry out the hair shafts. Even things like throwing your hair up in a tight ponytail or bun (as many of us are probably doing more of these days) and environmental factors such as pollution (wind and UV rays can all cause the fibres to weaken, resulting in increased breakage and subsequent hair fall) can damage your hair.

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It may sound largely unavoidable without getting medical, but there are easy steps we can take to ensure our hair stays as healthy and strong as possible in order to protect from such factors. Kérastase’s Genesis range is a great place to start. We’ve long been fans of the Kérastase ranges anyway, as they tend to strike the perfect balance between science-backed ingredients and that luxurious salon-like feeling. 

The Genesis range is no different, with powerhouse ingredients like aminexil, the first anti–hair loss molecule, which nourishes deep within the scalp. Both edelweiss native cells and ginger root to hydrate and shield the hair from extreme conditions and stimulate microcirculation to generate healthy, resilient hair. So much so that results include 84% less hair fall due to breakage after six weeks of use. Plus, it smells great, a signature of the Kérastase brand, making indulging in the hair mask particularly enjoyable as part of our Sunday self-care ritual. 

Keep scrolling to shop the full Genesis range as well as some of our other Kérastase favourites for different hair types.

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This shampoo is best for those with fine, greasy hair. It has an anti-oil action and gently removes sebum and pollution particles from scalp and hair whilst strengthening fibres. 

Opt for this shampoo if you have thick or dry hair. As well as removing pollution, it provides intense nourishment without weighing down. 

This lightweight conditioner reinforces fibres instantly, whilst making the hair easier to detangle to avoid any pulling. It nourishes and fortifies fibres to strengthen. 

Use this if you're after more intense hydration and nourishment. It will smooth, strengthen and detangle. Like a spa day for your hair. 

As well as hydrating hair, this pre blow-dry spray provides 24 hour protection from frizz and humidity and protects from heat up to 230 degrees when styling. Plus, it adds shine like no other. 

The serum includes more targeted ingredients to improve hair resistance with proven significant anti-hair loss effects after 6 weeks. If you're in need of serious help from shedding, massage a few drops of this into your scalp daily. 

If you're going through an intense period of hair fall, use these highly concentrated ampoules as the final step in your Genesis routine, almost like a booster. The super active ingredients will do the trick in reducing hair fall by re-anchoring fibres to the root. 

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