Stylish Kicks From The Latest Kenzo x Vans Collaboration

Contrary to popular belief, a leopard can change his spots--or at least make them brighter, as evidenced by Kenzo’s fourth and latest shoe collaboration with Vans. The collection is made up of six classic styles punched up with an oversized animal print, called the Clouded Leopard, which Creative Directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim also used in Kenzo’s S/S 13 collection. The design duo’s supercharged pattern--in electric colours like ochre, orange, blue, and green--was inspired by their travels to the jungles in Thailand, and gives Vans’ street sneakers a modern and fashion-forward twist. Among our favourites? Starting clockwise from the top, the Authentic Sneakers ($125) in Kenzo Leopard Flame/Pool Green, Classic Slip-Ons ($125) in Kenzo Leopard Nutria/Spectrum Blue, Authentic Sneakers ($125) in Kenzo Leopard Pool Green/Flame, and Authentic Sneakers ($125) in Kenzo Leopard Peacoat/Spectrum Blue. Wear these kicks with your favourite weekend outfit, like a graphic sweater and blue jeans, or contrast their sporty feel with a simple t-shirt and floral skirt for a masterful mix!