Kendall Jenner Thinks This Is the Worst-Ever Fashion Trend

Ever wondered what Kendall Jenner's most-hated fashion trend is? Or what's the best style tip she ever learnt from her mum Kris Jenner? Well, wonder no more, as the model and reality and social media star reveals all in the latest episode of Vogue's 73 Questions

The model, who's on the cover of Vogue's September issue, takes us on a tour of Kris's house, all the while answering quick-fire questions about her life, beauty routine, her sisters, and, of course, fashion. 

When asked what modelling is really like, she replies that it's a dream come true. Next up, she gives us the best fashion tip she ever learned from her mum, which is to look after her things (good tip, Kris).

But upon being asked what's the worst fashion trend of all time, she gives the answer "wedged sneakers." And we have to agree. Finally, she reveals that of all her sisters, it's Kim's wardrobe she would like to raid the most.

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Now, other than marvelling at Kris's wardrobe, which we get a sneak peek into, there's also one final important thing we need to talk about: Kendall's top. It was created by designer Juan Carlos Obando, but of course it's already sold out. However, you can get your hands on the same top in red.

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