20 Style Secrets That Come Kendall Jenner Approved

It feels like Kendall Jenner has been on our radar forever—which, by way of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, she has. But it wasn’t until age 18, when she stepped out on the Marc Jacobs catwalk in 2014, that she “came out” and established herself a high-fashion plate. 

Since then she’s been courted by Chanel, Balmain, Fendi and Estée Lauder, to name just a few, and her wardrobe has become more and more noteworthy by the day. She’s established herself as quite the chameleon—she can do athleisure one minute and switch to your typical model-off-duty look the next. The there’s her airport outfits, which aren’t as structured as, say, Victoria Beckham’s, but manage to combine being fashion forward with comfort. 

Kendall isn’t afraid to take risks, but she’ll dress in harmony with her squad when the occasion calls for it. To summarise, what we’re saying is that Kendall is a generous dresser—with her friends, designers and, of course, for the cameras (which is great news for our style-hungry eyes).

So scroll through the gallery below for ways in which you can dress more like Ms. Jenner…