Only a Kardashian Would Wear £6855 Boots to a Basketball Game

This weekend, Kendall Jenner attended an L.A. Clippers basketball game and wore the most Kardashian outfit possible. Above her knees, it was a standard courtside look, as she wore a white oversized roll-neck jumper with distressed jeans, but she then added a pair of £6855 Saint Laurent crystal knee-high boots. The sparkly shoes have a cone heel and slouchy boot leg and are covered in 3000 Swarovski crystals. These were certainly the most talked-about item during fashion month in February, and Céline Dion and Rihanna have already been spotted wearing the disco boots. Kendall wore them the week before with ripped jeans and a white cropped vest top to her 22nd birthday party. Keep scrolling to see how Kendall Jenner wore her £6855 boots to a basketball game.