Kendall Jenner's #1 Fashion Mistake Isn't What We Were Expecting

We can't quite believe it ourselves, as we follow her every fashion move and she rarely puts a well-dressed foot wrong, but Kendall Jenner has revealed her number one fashion mistake—and it's not what we were expecting. The model was speaking at the launch of her new Kendall and Kylie collection and discussed how she doesn't always get it right.

When asked about whether she's made any DIY fashion disasters, the model responded, "I've tried cutting the necklines on my T-shirts before and that's led to some serious problems. I always cut it too short by accident. Then my boobs are out!"

While we've never experienced any similar fashion disasters ourselves, we just know that we'll be customising our own T-Shirts from now on. In the interview with Elle, the reality star also talked about what she thought about the Kanye West Yeezy Season 4 show. Keep scrolling to find out Jenner's thoughts, plus how she feels about being a fashion icon. 


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At the promotion of the Jenner sisters' latest clothing collection for their line Kendall + Kylie, Kendall talked about what she thought after seeing her brother-in-law Kanye West's latest Yeezy catwalk, which debuted on Wednesday at New York Fashion Week, noting it was "very inspiring going to something like that. It's also just amazing, because you're seeing [Kanye's] creative thoughts expressed as looks."

She also revealed how she felt about influencing so many young girls. "I think it's definitely great to be inspired by someone's style, and we're obviously really honored that so many people want to use our style as a guide," she said. "But when we made this line, it wasn't with the mindset of, 'you need to wear these pieces exactly the way we would, head-to-toe.'" 

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Opening Image: Desiree Navarro/Getty Images

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