Kim Kardashian Is Really Short Compared To Kendall Jenner

Here's one very good reason Kendall Jenner is well on her way to becoming the next It-model: she's actually really, really tall. She and sister Kim Kardashian—both decked out in Balmain—attended the Vogue Foundation Gala and stopped on the way in to pose for some photos. While normally the two look so similar they could practically be twins, the resulting images highlight one very big difference between them: their heights.

Jenner towers over Kardashian at 5'10" to Kim's modest 5'3." They look like they're both wearing heels of approximately the same height, so it's probably not the shoes creating the vast difference here; at seven inches apart in height, it helps illuminate just why Jenner is a runway model (and a very successful one, at that), while Kardashian is content to sit front row in her designer garb.

Even Kim herself admits to her, ahem, shortcomings. She posted the photo above to her Instagram, captioning it, "The Army #Balmain #IFeelShort." It's ok Kim; anyone would probably feel short next to a 5'10" runway model!

Do you think Kendall's height adds to her runway legitimacy? Sound off below!