Whoa: Kendall Jenner's Latest Photoshoot Is Very Revealing

Kendall Jenner may have gotten high fashion’s approval, but there’s always more ground to cover, isn’t there? Well, don’t worry, she’s on top of it, as her latest cover ensures that she’ll be equally popular with the men of the world as she is with the fashion world. Shot by Steven Klein for the May issue of GQ, the cover shows Jenner sporting nothing but a tiny white bikini and jean jacket, and it’s actually one of the most “covered-up” looks in the spread. The rest of the images show Jenner in all manner of undress—read: topless—confirming once and for all that Kris Jenner’s little girl is all grown up.

Scroll down to see two of the suggestive photos and head to GQ to see the full spread!