Links We Love: Go Inside Rachel Zoe's Office, Exciting OITNB News, More!

1. Go inside Rachel Zoe's L.A. offices to see what all her editors wear! [Racked]

2. Think your deodorant could last a full week? A group of editors tried it out. [Fashionista]

3. Maggie Gyllenhaal says she went blonde because she "wanted to feel better about herself." [E! Online]

4. Wear glasses? Here are some awesome makeup tips just for you! [Byrdie]

5. Exciting! Laura Prepon's character Alex Vause will appear in every episode of next season's Orange Is The New Black. [Time]

6. Not sure how to incorporate colour in your home? Here are some great tips! [Domaine]

7. The Clueless closet in now one step closer to becoming a reality, guys. [InStyle]

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