Kendall Jenner Just Wore the Boot Trend That's Going to Lead Autumn

There are some shoe trends that become popular, peak, then go away for a decade or longer. Others only fade away for a few seasons before making a big comeback. Since the start of the year, we've been predicting another cowboy-boot craze, and it looks like that craze is finally upon us. We think this one could even be big enough to eclipse the previous cowboy-boot craze of 2018. 

For starters, the A/W 21 runways of heavy hitters like Isabel Marant were overrun with cowboy boots. Retailers' new arrivals also include tons of cowboy boots at various price points. And very influential celebs like Kendall Jenner are already wearing them amidst the dog days of summer.

Jenner was recently photographed out in Malibu wearing loose, cream-coloured jeans, a cropped tank top and two-tone, vintage Western boots. We love the idea of wearing cowboy boots under loose jeans—a change from previous seasons when they were often worn with skinny and straight-leg jeans. If you're intrigued, read on to secure a pair for yourself before autumn comes out of nowhere (or just start wearing them now à la Jenner). 

Kendall Jenner cowboy boots



On Kendall Jenner: Source Unknown Tie Dye Relaxed Jeans (£63); The Row Everyday Handbag (£1875); vintage boots

Kendall Jenner cowboy boots


RACHPOOT / Backgrid

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