Sneak Peek: Kendall Jenner Will Look VERY Different in New Fendi Ad

It seems that Kendall Jenner is following in big sister Kim Kardashian's footsteps in a big way: by going blond. We spotted over on our sister site Byrdie that Jenner had recently undergone a major transformation—and it turns out it's for a forthcoming Fendi ad!

Fendi took to Instagram to share a sneak peek of fashion star donning a blond wig for a shoot. We first learned just a couple weeks back that Jenner had landed the gig as the newest face of the Italian fashion house, so this is her first undertaking for the brand. While it looks like she in fact hit the peroxide for the hair transformation, the new hue is actually thanks to a wig. (And P.S., Fendi has some amazing pieces right now, if you're in the mood to shop!)

What do you think of Kendall Jenner as a blonde? Tell us in the comments below!

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