Find Out Why Kendall Jenner May Be the Biggest Supermodel Yet

By now, Kendall Jenner’s popularity in the fashion industry is news to no one. Everyone from Marc Jacobs to the execs at Estée Lauder have given their symbolic thumbs up to the young model, by way of runway placements and beauty contracts. The only thing even resembling a roadblock in her path might be the small group of anti-Kendall trolls festering online, unwilling to accept her success as anything more than the result of nepotism. But let’s be honest here—in fashion, haters like that are essentially an endorsement of your power.

It would seem that no further acclaim could be given to Jenner. After all, even Anna Wintour’s on board. But now a recent interview with the seasoned fashion editor Katie Grand (who essentially gave the 19-year-old model her first chance) highlights one more way in which Miss Jenner might be winning. As Grand said:

“This season, at Marc, we had to make sure her fitting was done in a room with blinds, as the paparazzi had camped out on the roof opposite the studio to try and get a shot of her. In all my years being a stylist and working with the likes of Kate and Naomi, I have never known the paps to try and get a shot of a fitting with a long lens from across the street.”

Could it be that Jenner is even bigger than fashion royalty like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell? The assumption may be a little premature, but we’re placing all our bets on the possibility.

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