Kendall Makes a Case for Wearing Tour Merchandise Outside an Arena

While we (very secretly and very privately) love a Justin Bieber tour T-shirt as much as the next girl, wearing concert merchandise outside of an arena isn’t exactly the chicest look. Vintage band tees may strike you as more Mary Kate and Ashley circa 2007 than Kendall Jenner, but if you look at this model's style evolution, you’ll spot she's had a serious thing for genuine tour merchandise for some time.

Kendall owns an impressive catalogue of vintage versions—including The Rolling Stones, John Lennon and Michael Jackson (unless she time travels, we do realise these probably weren't picked up stage-side)—but she also gets first dibs on both her brother-in-law Kanye West’s crazy-popular Pablo pieces and Yeezy collaboration with Adidas. On her app she joked about her off-duty style: "You know I love my rocker tees and black boots." If it ain’t broke, Kendall…

The return of the logo tee can also be linked to of-the-moment label Vetements championing jerseys that lift straight from pop culture motifs and logos. Following on from the DHL version, their latest divisive piece is a black, oversized Snoop Dogg one that's selling for £700.

Here’s how to follow Kendall’s lead and dress like a mega fan, without looking like a teeny bopper…


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Style Notes: If you’re going to wear a jacket splattered with album name graffiti, keep the rest simple. Kendall Jenner paired Kanye's Pablo jean jacket with her off-duty staples: skinny leather trousers, black ankle boots and a navy hoodie.


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Style Notes: If you’re into the twinning trend, make like Kendall and Gigi with their matching Yeezy bombers and double up. Be sure to go for subtle merch with this one though, or else you really will look like you’re en route to the 02 Arena.



Style Notes: Tour tees are also key to Kendall’s athleisure look. She paired a blue Pablo tour T-shirt with black exercise leggings, monochrome trainers and a furry Givenchy bag.


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Style Notes: Kendall shows that you don’t have to stick to grunge colour palettes, wearing an electric turquoise Michael Jackson tee with, but of course, a Michael Jackson-esque hat. Sha-mone!

Think you've got the idea? Then shop from the gallery below to get Kendall's off-duty outside-of-a-concert look…

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