Katie Holmes Has Shopped at Zara and Mango This Week—Here's What She Bought

Blame Dawson's Creek, but I've always thought of Katie Holmes as being the girl-next-door type. And you know what? She's really not. She's very much part of the luxury designer world and loves to try more experimental looks, meaning she isn't tied to just jeans and a T-shirt. The actress has formed a bond with plenty of designers, although she has the most solid friendship with Zac Posen and often appears in his creations on the red carpet. She's a regular guest at the Met Gala, which is notoriously difficult to get invited to, and she's always spotted in the front row during New York Fashion Week.

Despite this glamour and literally having luxury designers available on WhatsApp, she's still a fan of finding accessories on the high street. The brands we've spotted her in recently are both Zara and Mango. From Mango, it was a pair of chic tortoiseshell sunglasses, and from Zara, it was a pair of white and vinyl mules. The choices, however, are far from girl-next-door, with the sunglasses being a more vintage style and the shoes belonging firmly in the "nude" shoe category. Below, you can shop the exact sunglasses and mules Katie is wearing. Keep scrolling for other styles we reckon she'd wear.

Katie Holmes in Mango sunglasses:
katie holmes high street picks: wearing mango sunglasses



Style Notes: These sunglasses will work with any outfit, but Katie's floral purple dress clashes perfectly. 

Shop more of our favourite Mango sunglasses:



Katie Holmes in Zara shoes:
katie holmes high street picks: wearing zara heels



Style Notes: Sleek slightly flared jeans and a black jumper look great with these white vinyl mules. 

Shop more of our favourite Zara shoes:

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