Exclusive: 10 Questions With 'Arrow' Star Katie Cassidy

When you think of Katie Cassidy, you're probably more likely to think of the badass, unshakeable attorney Laurel Lance—the character she plays on the wildly successful CW show Arrow—and not so much a fashion blogger with a collection of designer handbags any style-minded woman would lust after. As it turns out, she's both.

Cassidy and her longtime best friend Lynsey Eaton ("I wouldn't be the same without this woman," Cassidy said to us) run the blog Tomboy KCon which they wax poetic about everything from culottes to sneakers to their must-have beauty products du jour. Their latest project: a surprisingly chic collection of glasses they designed in collaboration with Sorella, available exclusively on Glasses.com.

While she's filming Arrow, Cassidy lives full-time in the gorgeous city of Vancouver (or #VanCity, as she's fond of calling it )—and it's in the British Columbia city where we caught up with her and Eaton. Keep scrolling to read our 10 exclusive questions with Katie Cassidy, and to shop the eyewear collection now! 


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Do you have a style uniform? How would you describe it?

It depends on where I'm going. If I'm going to work on set, I tend to try to dress as comfortably as possible, because it's not necessarily the most glamorous place, and I'm sometimes there for 17 hours. If I'm in wardrobe, I'm obviously very dressed up, but if I'm going to set, Rag & Bone is actually genius. They make these jeans that are like sweatpants.

Do you think sweatpants are sexy?

I've worn them to set so many times, and I cannot tell you how many compliments I get on them—from guys! They're like, "What are those pants?!" They look like baggy jeans, but they're actually sweatpants. But guys freak out over them, and I'm like, "Yeah, they're sweatpants." But then I like to run around with really nice bags along with the sweatpants.


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Speaking of expensive bags, what's the biggest fashion splurge you've made recently?

Oh man, I'm just obsessed with capes for fall. [Lynsey] tried on this amazing Balmain cape when I wasn't with her, she sent me a photo of it. It was way too big on her, so I had her buy it for me! It's just too good.

Capes are huge this season! How would you describe your personal style in one word?



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So what inspired you to design eyewear?

It's funny. I actually used to wear just frames with no lenses, just because I liked the way it looked. I used to take Lynsey's old, broken glasses, pop out the lenses, and run around town wearing them.

Why do you think you like them so much?

I just think they're such a good accessory! They're so fun and cool. When I first started wearing them a few years ago, it felt like a bit of a shield or armour, like you could hide behind them a little bit.


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So you still wear glasses, even though you don't need them? That is funny.

Oh, no! I started actually needing them. If you look at my iPhone to see the size of the text font on there, it's so embarrassing. People are like, "Why are the letters so big?!" I'm like, "Because I can't see!" All of a sudden, it just happened. Old age, I guess.

It's interesting, most fashion bloggers opt for shades instead of bona fide spectacles.

People who hide behind sunglasses, I think it's almost too obvious. You're wearing them to hide! With eyeglasses, it's still like a shield, but you look more natural and real and organic. I think people can relate to it more and it's just honest. You can see my face.


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So in terms of eyewear as an accessory, what do you think a good pair of frames can add to a stylish look?

Well, it depends on the style, but I think they're a reflection of personality. When we were naming the frames in our collection, I remember thinking, for whatever reason, this style reminded me of this person and this woman. They're just a reflection of your personality, which I love.

Lastly, what is your number-one trick when you're getting ready to go out?

I have a theory that overthinking is the worst thing you could possibly do when you're getting dressed. If I think too much about what I'm going to wear, I go crazy. But if I just get dressed, there have been times when I've gone to visit Lynsey and she's just like, "What are you wearing!? It's too good!" I'm like, "I don't know, I just threw this on." And then she goes, "We need to photograph this ASAP, this is amazing." So I think sometimes it's best to just go with your gut.

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