Which Supermodel Just Keeps Getting Better (And Richer) With Age?

We never asked for concrete evidence that Kate Moss is the reigning queen of all the original supermodels—and yet, she has delivered it. According to The TelegraphMoss made almost $29 million in 2013—that's more money in one year than she's ever made in her career.

Translation: Moss has achieved the most difficult status a model can achieve in her career: increasing her value with age, like a fine wine. This is especially impressive since by many accounts, Moss experienced her heyday as a model back in the early '90s, when she was the poster girl for everyone from Marc Jacobs to Alexander McQueen. 

So how did she do it? Moss' ongoing contract with Rimmel London, her line of cell phone accessories with Carphone Warehouse, her Playboy spread, campaigns for Stuart Weitzman, St. Tropez, Matchless, Rag & Bone, and Kerastase, and (finally) the release of Kate: The Kate Moss Book, all contributed to her massive take-home amount.

We can't say we're fully surprisedour ongoing girl crush on Kate Moss is no secret.

What do you think of Kate Moss' $29 million take-home in 2013? Sound off in the comments below!

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