Meet the Fashion T-Shirt You're About to Become Obsessed With

Any self-respecting lover of fashion will remember those Kate Moss and Calvin Klein adverts from the '90s. We all swooned (and still do) over how incredibly cool and chic that Mossy looked in those ads. It was, particularly in retrospect, a turning point for fashion that depicted a new, minimalist approach to style.

As a result, it became one of the most iconic fashion images of the '90s. Not to mention the fact that Moss was catapulted into the spotlight because of her starring role to become the walking fashion legend we have today. In fact, she's still a face of the brand more than 20 years later

And now, all in aid of raising money for amfAR (the American Foundation for AIDS Research), Opening Ceremony has teamed up with Calvin Klein to launch a limited-edition range of T-shirts featuring the iconic underwear ads from 1993, which were shot by the photographer David Sims. There are four T-shirts available with two images. We don't know about you but we want to shop them all.

Keep scrolling to find out how you can get your hands on one.

Opening Image: Jim Smeal/Getty Images

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